About Us

Brief History

YEO commenced in 2004 as a turnkey electrical and automation provider with wide network of operations locally and abroad offering total system design, services and solution from the simplest to the most complex type of project. YEO specializes in the development of reliable, advanced and high performance system for the Process, Manufacturing, Utility & Service Industries.

The Corporate headquarters is located in Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey with company operation facilities adjacent to the head office and a Regional Office in Ankara.

Company Profile

YEO is a dynamic and growing electrical & automation company with the technical know-how and knowledge in designing, assembly, installation and integration of PLC based SCADA/HMI Systems, DCS, RTU, Drives & Motors to all types of industrial and utility sectors.

With the strength of over 65 skilled and trained personnel, We provide EPC works, upgrades, rehabilitation as well as modernization of existing automation systems. We work hard to earn your business and we have what it takes to meet your electrical and automation requirement. Our team of dynamic and enthusiastic engineers and technicians rigorously study, plan and design each project according to the clients' requirement with attention to detail.

We manufacture, supply and assemble panels tailored to the clients requirements with certification standards.  

OUR VISION - Dynamic Innovation 

As a growing and diversified company, Our dynamic team will always ensure to deliver and provide an innovative solution to fix the challenges in your business and satisfactorily meet the demand and supply of your customers.

OUR MISSION - Sustainability and Efficiency

YEO commenced with the goal of providing an efficient process that uses the lowest amount of inputs to create the greatest amount of outputs thereby sustaining your establishment's performance and productivity whilst protecting the environment and improving the lives with whom you interact. 

OUR VALUES- Integrity and Reliability

Integrity –Over the years, YEO maintains a dignified committed service to all its customers ensuring every project has been completed and delivered on time.

Reliability - Every acquired project whether small or big we make sure that our clients have the ease of Accessibility from the services, product support as well as the After Sales support and maintenance of the company and our alliances. There is always a Continuity of uninterrupted service over a desired duration, and deliver a Performance that meets the customers' expectations. 


“All we simply need is a fresh perspective to solve a challenge and offer endless possibilities to your industry”.

Our Work Environmenrt

Our work environment comprises of 3 parts in one location for ease of accessibility and communication to all other departments towards an efficient turnover of activities in the daily operation of the company.
•  Main office- where all transactions and technical matters takes place.
•  Workshop – located just beside the main office where all the major installation, mounting and manufacturing of equipment are performed.
•  Warehouse – Our warehouse is just behind the main office adjacent to the workshop and office where all supplies, parts and equipment are stored.