Otomasyon Hizmetleri

Otomasyon Çözümleri

YEO Services offering includes: 

Automation helps you compete better by allowing you to increase productivity, flexibility and quality. By automating repetitive manual tasks, your workers can perform more specialized tasks, providing you with better productivity and, in some cases, opportunities to expand your product offering. Automation also helps reduce or eliminate human error, which in turn reduces the cost of error recovery and increases the overall quality of your product.

A) Industrial Automation Solutions - Industrial Automation provides state-of-the-art automated solutions for the Automotive, Steel and Iron, Pulp and Paper, Food and Beverage, Petrochemical and Chemical, Electronic Factories, Telecommunications, Consumer goods, Utility Plants and  other industries across Turkey and its neighboring countries. Our experience and expertise in designing, developing and building high-quality, cost-effective automated solutions can provide you with a competitive advantage for DCS, PLC, RTU, SCADA Systems, Software testing and Commissioning Solutions and Applications

B) Power Quality Solutions - YEO has a dedicated mission which is to protect our clients’ sensitive electrical / electronic equipment and data from damage. We provide reliable mission critical infrastructure, facility integration, site commissioning, and facility wide field technical service.

If you are experiencing power issues or wish to protect yourself from power quality related problems, we are here to help! We proudly offer products and services that include:

  1. Static and Rotary Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) with RF, GSM, Wi-fi, FIBER Optic Communication Solutions and Applications
  2. Computer Room Cooling
  3. Cabinets and Racks
  4. IT Solutions
  5. Surge Suppression Devices (TVSS)
  6. Harmonic Mitigation Products
  7. Power Conditioners / Voltage Regulators
  8. Inverters
  9. Batteries & Battery Service
  10. Frequency Converters Applications for Medium Voltage/ Low Voltage Motors and Drives 
  11. Transfer Switches
  12. Generators
  13. Data / Communication Line Protectors 100 Base T to Analog
  14. Power Quality Studies, Audits and Consulting

YEO Automation Solutions is built on a strong foundation of integrity, reputation for quality, reliability and innovation represented with top brands of products, software and services. Our enthusiastic team of dynamic engineers work rigorously to ensure efficient and sustainable designs & concepts to better the industry’s performance. As we increase our offerings, we remain keenly focused on enhancing our unique technology differentiation thereby, delivering integrated, value-added solutions in: 

  1. SCADA/HMI Solutions and Appications
  2. Distribution Management Systems
  3. Historian Solutions and Applications
  4. Hardware Solutions and Applications
  5. Transmission Management Systems and Solutions
  6. Outage Management Solutions and Applications
  7. Situational Awareness
  8. Generation Management Systems and Applications
  9. Network Management Systems and Applications 
  10. Substation Automation Solutions 

Whether you need a single-station work cell or a complete, integrated multi-function assembly line, contact us today to learn how Industrial Automation can provide you with a competitive advantage that will help you get new customers and keep your current customers coming back.

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